Founded in 1979 as a small business, Ateşler Kuruyemis maintains its priority position in the sector with the same name since its establishment. Today, on 6000 m² closed area, 20000 m² open area, our production is in a hygienic environment which is in keeping with the quality standarts. Atesler Kuruyemis keeps and protects customer satisfaction at the top level. Within the scope of the customer profile, the company sees itself in the middle and upper segment of the market. With its quality products, reasonable price and timely delivery, it aims to increase its share in the market. Atesler Kuruyemis with daily production capacity of 40 tons produces; sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, white roasted chickpeas, yellow roasted chickpeas and cocktails. It presents its products to its customers with a fleet of 60 vehicles. At every stage of production, quality experts constantly monitor the production process, and after the products reach the customers, the customer's recommendations are evaluated. As Atesler Kuruyemis our goal is always to present fresh products to our customers that you can share happy moments. Our mission is to be a leading company in the sector. The components we use to do this; advanced technology, quality continuity, customer satisfaction, qualified workforce and systematic working style.

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